August 21, 2016: ILLW – Saturday stream and some pics

golfje1 golfje2 golfje3

August 2, 2016: Colloquium is now over – I was awarded the G5RV cup!

The colloquium was a great success, and apart from meeting old an new friends, there were also some highlights to the trip.
First of all, the ARISS-UK team presented me with a team polo shirt at the colloquium, A principia mission patch and a pin badge. The same evening, the whole ARISS-UK team was awarded the G3AAJ Trophy.


On top of that, I have received the Louis Varney (G5RV) Cup for advances in space communication.
I am very grateful to be awarded this cup, and this stimulates me to continue working on AMSAT satellites.

G5RV-1 G5RV-2

We gave a presentation for ISIS at the colloquium, and got a big thumbs up from the audience.


Having arrived safely back at home with all equipment, I am currently editing all the video that was recorded during the weekend, and publishing this on the AMSAT-Uk YouTube and my own YouTube channel

July 31, 2016: Satellite demo video online!

July 31, 2016: Streaming live


July 29, 2016: On my way to the AMSAT-UK colloquium!

I am traveling to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium, held this weekend in Guildford, UK.

There will be live streaming of the presentations at

The Live Stream will start Saturday at 09:15 UTC

Apart from meeting many friends and representing AMSAT-NL and ISISpace, I will also be driving some of the streaming gear, doing video production and filming with the volunteers of the BATC.

See you on the stream chat!

June 15, 2016: possible DATV first on 70cm – PA to G

This weekend I attempted a D-ATV QSO with Noel G8GTZ in the UK. We were already planning this for a while, but the International ATV Contest came around. This seemed to be a great opportunity to try.

Noel reported he drove out to Fairlight near Hastings, UK.
I went to the TU Delft, and hooked up all equipment.

We attempted a two way QSO, but Noel only managed to receive me. His signal was too weak for me to decode unfortunately.

Noel posted

“With much patience from Wouter (PA3WEG), I received pictures from him at Delft University (286 Km) 1ms DATV on 437 MHz but he could not see me due to a 10 dB power difference – a couple of people have asked if this is the first direct PA to G DATV reception not via a repeater – anyone know any different?”

Thanks to Noel for his patience and driving to the coast!


May 28, 2016: Having FUN behind the mixing console

Mixing my band “The Unlisted” at the opening of Broekerveiling Shopping Centre.

UnlistedBroekerVeiling03 UnlistedBroekerVeiling02

Photos by Frank Weggelaar

May 16, 2016: veron Pinkster kamp

The 51st VERON Pinkster Kamp (VPK) radio camp is over, I had a blast!
Audio visual material to follow!

May 5, 2016: ARISS – Tim peake – Ashfield Primary School, Otley, West Yorkshire, UK

April 25, 2016: ARISS – Tim Peake – Derby High School, Bury, UK

April 23, 2016: DATV on 70cm


April 23, 2016: ARISS – Tim Peake – Wellesley House School, Broadstairs, Kent

April 18, 2016: ARISS – Tim Peake – St Richard’s Catholic College

April 16, 2016: DATV on 70cm and other activities

I have constructed the MiniTiouner by F6DZP, and combined the PCB with an analog receiver.
Now I have a device that can receive both analog and digital ATV at the same time.

using a converter sold by the BATC, the SUP-2400, I can receive 70cm DATV that I am transmitting using the DTX-1. Also, the linear amplifier rack that I built for the DARE Stratos-II flight termination system has been repurposed for amplifying 70cm DATV. If the Stratos project needs to borrow my FTS rack again, I can easily take it out.

Next step: receive ISS with this receiver and the 2 or 3m dish.

Tiouner-Regulators Tiouner-Brackets-fitted



April 16, 2016: Nayif-1 loaded into the QuadPack launch adapter

The Nayif-1 CubeSat has been loaded into the QuadPack launch adapter together with its co-passengers, Suchai from Chile and STEP Cube Lab from Korea.
It is prepared for flight, and will be shipped to the US for integration on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of ISILaunch09.

First out will be STEP Cube Lab, second will be Suchai, and Nayif-1 will follow as third. The deployment sequence of QuadPacks is not known to me at this time.

Nayif contains the FUNcube-5 payload package, and will be transmitting telemetry similar to FUNcube-1.

NayifAndCopassengers_PA3WEG NayifAndQuadPack-PA3WEG

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