March 15, 2017: PI6WL outdoor tx unit

For the PI6WL ATV repeater, I have built a new (temporary) outdoor unit. This should reduce losses in the feed cable and also provides visual indication of the internal fuse state

February 25, 2017: HamTV contact

This video is a recording of the hamvideo downlink from the international space station, as received in Delft. JO21ex. It was part of a school contact between Thomas Pesquet on the ISS and Ecole primaire Elie Desplan, Boissières, France and Marie Castang, Saint Dionisy, France.

February 17, 2017: Nayif-1 launched, alive and kicking!

On the 15th of February, Nayif-1 was launched on a PSLV with 103 other satellites.

I have been spending the past week at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in the mission control centre. Also, we have been visiting the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to give a training to their education team.

Today, 17th of February, we are two days into the flight and everything looks healthy.
The LEOPS status page shows good results, and the warehouse is receiving data from all over the world!

We have received one pass with FUNcube and Nayif-1 in view at the same time.
In the doppler plot below, you can see both satellites.

February 13, 2017: HAMTV received

Today, the International Space Station transmitted live video during a school contact between Thomas Pesquet on the ISS and Collège André Malraux, Chatelaillon-Plage, France. The signals were received in Delft and forwarded to a central server.

The video received in delft can be found below.

December 31, 2016: New BY70-1 satellite transponder

I have been trying to use the new BY70-1 transponder lately.
Information is still a bit sparse, as this satellite is Chinese.

It is quite busy on the transponder. At one moment I almost worked G3VZV, but lots of QRM prevented that QSO from happening. A small clip is here and the full recording can be found here

Working conditions are:
TX via Home QTH: Diamond X50 vertical and IC-910h
RX via the TU Delft station.
RX operator: Nils von Storch
Recording by Nils

December 28, 2016: Beach day – lots of starfish (sea stars) washed ashore

Today, we were visiting the beach, and found loads of starfish washed on the shores.
Apparently, a strong current in the Noth Sea loosened them from the seabed. A beautiful but cold day, but its a sad sight to see all these dying starfish. Nature is cruel.

October 31, 2016: PI6W test repeater – testing 23cm

Today I managed to get the first signals through the 23cm input of the test repeater that should become PI6W.
I used a yagi from the window on the front side of my apartment. This gave B4 images on the repeater.

The transmit section of this repeater was built by me, together with other radio amateurs (pb0ahx, pd3t, pb0ner and pa0qy) in the area.
The website of the repeater can be found here.

The received images are the signal received by Jaap PA3HGL in Spijkenisse, from a reflection and Herman PB0AHX in Delft.

pi6w-23cm-pa3weg-1 pi6w-23cm-pa3weg-2 pi6w-23cm-pa3weg-door-pa3hgl pi6w-23cm-pa3weg-door-pb0ahx

October 18, 2016: JOTA 2016

The JOTA 2016 is over. We ranked 9th in the JOTAcross game. I still have to count the QSOs, but it was a pretty low number.

We did have some nice ATV QSOs, although the other two groups that were visible did not have the audio enabled, so they did not hear us.

A new type of tower was tried and it was a success. We did break one pole, but the rest survived, including the rope holding the tower during hoisting.

We streamed the three days live to YouTube and were on ATV on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately, the EME contact we scheduled did not work out because the volunteers at the 25m radio telescope CAMRAS in Dwingeloo went home at midnight, and I only became QRV around 01:30.

August 21, 2016: ILLW – Saturday stream and some pics

golfje1 golfje2 golfje3

August 2, 2016: Colloquium is now over – I was awarded the G5RV cup!

The colloquium was a great success, and apart from meeting old an new friends, there were also some highlights to the trip.
First of all, the ARISS-UK team presented me with a team polo shirt at the colloquium, A principia mission patch and a pin badge. The same evening, the whole ARISS-UK team was awarded the G3AAJ Trophy.


On top of that, I have received the Louis Varney (G5RV) Cup for advances in space communication.
I am very grateful to be awarded this cup, and this stimulates me to continue working on AMSAT satellites.

G5RV-1 G5RV-2

We gave a presentation for ISIS at the colloquium, and got a big thumbs up from the audience.


Having arrived safely back at home with all equipment, I am currently editing all the video that was recorded during the weekend, and publishing this on the AMSAT-Uk YouTube and my own YouTube channel

July 31, 2016: Satellite demo video online!

July 31, 2016: Streaming live


July 29, 2016: On my way to the AMSAT-UK colloquium!

I am traveling to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium, held this weekend in Guildford, UK.

There will be live streaming of the presentations at

The Live Stream will start Saturday at 09:15 UTC

Apart from meeting many friends and representing AMSAT-NL and ISISpace, I will also be driving some of the streaming gear, doing video production and filming with the volunteers of the BATC.

See you on the stream chat!

June 15, 2016: possible DATV first on 70cm – PA to G

This weekend I attempted a D-ATV QSO with Noel G8GTZ in the UK. We were already planning this for a while, but the International ATV Contest came around. This seemed to be a great opportunity to try.

Noel reported he drove out to Fairlight near Hastings, UK.
I went to the TU Delft, and hooked up all equipment.

We attempted a two way QSO, but Noel only managed to receive me. His signal was too weak for me to decode unfortunately.

Noel posted

“With much patience from Wouter (PA3WEG), I received pictures from him at Delft University (286 Km) 1ms DATV on 437 MHz but he could not see me due to a 10 dB power difference – a couple of people have asked if this is the first direct PA to G DATV reception not via a repeater – anyone know any different?”

Thanks to Noel for his patience and driving to the coast!


May 28, 2016: Having FUN behind the mixing console

Mixing my band “The Unlisted” at the opening of Broekerveiling Shopping Centre.

UnlistedBroekerVeiling03 UnlistedBroekerVeiling02

Photos by Frank Weggelaar

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