WebSDR station description

antenna 2m antenna: The antenna used when 2m is connected is a russian surplus VHF turnstile at 85 meters above sea level. A pre-amp is directly mounted beneath the antenna. In front of the turnstile is a 70cm eggbeater for use at the Delfi-C3 groundstation.
antenna 70cm antenna: The antenna used when 70cm is connected is one of the Delfi-C3 tracking antennas.
  VLF antenna: The antenna used for VLF reception is an active antenna designed by prof. Nordholt at the TU-Delft. More about this antenna can be found in an article from Dick Rollema PA0SE. This antenna is directly connected to the sound card.
generator The local oscillator for the receiver consists of a marconi instruments RF generator for now. I plan to replace it with a fixed crystal oscillator.
receiver The receiver designed and constructed by Wouter Jan Ubbels, PE4WJ. It is a Direct Conversion (DC) receiver containing two mixers. one for In-Phase and one for Quadrature mixing. The 90 degrees phase shift is accomplished by using a coaxial transmission line hybrid. The output of both mixers is amplified and sent to the sound card sampling at 192kHz.
receiver The internals of the receiver, including 90 degrees phase shift coaxial line and the actual receiver inside the metal can.
computer The computer whichs processes it al...

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