The End for my WebSDR

The following appears when you now go to the WebSDR:

This was the WebSDR receiver located in Delft JO21ex.
This receiver has been the first WebSDR after the original twente SDR, and I am very grateful to Pieter Tjerk PA3FWM for providing the WebSDR software to me.
After many firsts, I regret to inform you I have given up.

The recent activities on the roof, lack of time, building access problems (I’m not a student anymore) and continuous problems left me to decide it was enough.
Thank you for the nice years, and thank you users for the kind words of encouragement.

We have been the first WebSDR with satellite reception, the first with 2m and 70cm reception. We also were there to provide VLF reception of SAQ grimeton radio for many listeners. Other highlights include being a mirror for the CAMRAS WebSDR during the Arecibo telescope EME activation, to distribute the load, and the usage of the WebSDR in lectures of the TU Delft.

Unfortunately, the downs include 3 damaged antennas, cut coaxes, water flooding the equipment room, metal dust from sandblasting in the equipment, building access problems and computer failures.
If I can find the time and money, I WILL BE BACK

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