Happy Birthday!

Today one year ago, a DNEPR rocket blasted off into space, carrying, amongst others, FUNcube-1, TRITON-1 and Delfi-n3Xt.
FUNcube-1 is doing great, TRITON-1 is functional, and Delfi-n3Xt has completed its mission.

Thanks all for tracking FUNcube, and uploading to the warehouse.

Already worked: G0MRF (David Bowman, PA board Designer) and Ken Eaton GW1FKY (AMSAT-UK member)
find the recording here

And on two evening passes: G3VZV (Graham Shirville, FUNcube technical manager), G0MRF (wkd 3x), RN6MA, ON5AEB, OE3FQV, EA1QS and 9A2EY
Speak to you on the transponder!

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