Conditions on VHF/UHF

On December 19th 2007, there were incredible good DX conditions for VHF/UHF, and so I went to the Delft University of Technology Goundstation to do some DX-ing!. Wouter-Jan Ubbels PE4WJ was already there working a lot of stations. Incredible how good the conditions were! After just a few times CQ, I already had a small pile-up. Wouter-Jan was woring on 2m while I was working on 70cm. After a while we switched bands and so on…

  • Best DX on 2 meters:
    • ES5PC in KO38hj 1574,0km
  • Best DX on 70cm :
    • SL0CB in JO89wi 1175,9km

Below are the Grid plots of the QSOs made on 2 (upper) and 70 (lower)

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