Catching up

Hi All,

The last couple of days have really been a blast! I am still catching up on E-mail and forum posts.
The FUNcube-1 team has received tons of compliments for the AO-73 transponder and mission in general, and the educational outreach is almost self-organizing in some countries. One that is lacking is off course the Netherlands …

Although there are some parts of FUNcube-1 that I am less proud of, having it work in orbit is absolutely great. When you launch satellites, you always prepare for launch pad explosion or failure to reach orbit. The next moment is deployment and first telemetry. On many occasions, CubeSats are not heard of after deployment. I have been so fortunate to have designed radio parts for all four dutch CubeSats that all happened to work!

In my day-job I am now tracking TRITON-1 as member of the control team, and I am following my other babies with great interest if time allows. The old lady Delfi-C3 is still doing well after all these years.

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