FUNcube-1 ready for launch!

After four years, FUNcube-1 is finally ready for launch end of November 2013, from Yasny launch base, Orenburg Oblast, Russia.

The final glue was applied by team mate Gerard Aalbers at the launch site on 23th of October. We will now have to wait for launch.


Chartered Antonov AN-12
Image credit: ISC Kosmotras

FUNcube-1 was flown in one big shipment from The Netherlands to Russia with a chartered Antonov AN-12 aircraft. Thanks to careful planning by ISIS/ISL, the shipment passed customs inspection without any problems.

More information can be found on the FUNcube website and on the ISILaunch03 weblog


ISIPODs containing Triton-1 (left) and HiNcube, FUNcube-1 and ZACUBE-1 (right) Image credit: Gerard Aalbers – FUNcube team

ISILaunch03 POD01 team – Gerard Aalbers on the left. Image credit: ISIS – Arthur Overlack

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