I have received some pictures from a Raspberry Pi powered balloon, launched from Brightwalton in the UK.

This balloon was transmitting SSDV protcol images, which I received in Delft.

More on the balloon can be found on Dave Akermans blog at http://www.daveakerman.com/?p=1154

Small files received in Delft:

2013-05-26-13-50-08-PIE6-9B 2013-05-26-14-14-32-PIE6-B6 2013-05-26-14-26-29-PIE6-C2 2013-05-26-14-38-51-PIE6-CE 2013-05-26-14-40-28-PIE6-D0

Bigger files received in Delft:

2013-05-26-13-59-20-PIE6-A4 2013-05-26-14-26-40-PIE6-C3 2013-05-26-13-41-57-PIE6-92

And one of the originals on the internal SD card  (Credit to Dave Akerman):


Click to open in bigger view

Pie chart of telemetry receivers:


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