servers and problems

For some time now, the PA3WEG.NL server has been hosted on in Delft, while te main server is down due to a faulty harddisk. I’ve replaced the backup on this server, so everything should be working apart from database driven things. To make matters worse, Delft University of Technology has given the orders to replace the rooftop of the EWI building on which all my antennas are located and decided not to notify me. They’ve chosen a cheap company employing monkeys to do the job. This results in bended antenna elements, snapped cables, flooded rooms and lots of dust in the ground station room. The University is going to send a pretty large damage claim to the contractor, so I believe they will not make any money from this deal. (and thats a good thing!). Meanwhile. I cannot guarantee any of the offered services, like the aprs server or websdr, to the public. My apologies for this but it is out of my hands.

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