Colloquium is now over – I was awarded the G5RV cup!

The colloquium was a great success, and apart from meeting old an new friends, there were also some highlights to the trip.
First of all, the ARISS-UK team presented me with a team polo shirt at the colloquium, A principia mission patch and a pin badge. The same evening, the whole ARISS-UK team was awarded the G3AAJ Trophy.


On top of that, I have received the Louis Varney (G5RV) Cup for advances in space communication.
I am very grateful to be awarded this cup, and this stimulates me to continue working on AMSAT satellites.

G5RV-1 G5RV-2

We gave a presentation for ISIS at the colloquium, and got a big thumbs up from the audience.


Having arrived safely back at home with all equipment, I am currently editing all the video that was recorded during the weekend, and publishing this on the AMSAT-Uk YouTube and my own YouTube channel

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