possible DATV first on 70cm – PA to G

This weekend I attempted a D-ATV QSO with Noel G8GTZ in the UK. We were already planning this for a while, but the International ATV Contest came around. This seemed to be a great opportunity to try.

Noel reported he drove out to Fairlight near Hastings, UK.
I went to the TU Delft, and hooked up all equipment.

We attempted a two way QSO, but Noel only managed to receive me. His signal was too weak for me to decode unfortunately.

Noel posted

“With much patience from Wouter (PA3WEG), I received pictures from him at Delft University (286 Km) 1ms DATV on 437 MHz but he could not see me due to a 10 dB power difference – a couple of people have asked if this is the first direct PA to G DATV reception not via a repeater – anyone know any different?”

Thanks to Noel for his patience and driving to the coast!


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