Tour De France – video up- and downlinks

I have been receiving some S-band and C-band up- and downlinks from the tour the france reporters together with Nils von Storch (his idea!).

We first put S-band up (feed and LNA) to see if we could spot the Cineflex video helicopters. We think we got one uplink from the heli to the planes flying over the parcours.

After that, we switched to C-band using a downconverter to L-band.
We got two planes at 13000 feet and one at 27000. We think we have seen the two at 13000, continuously fading as they bank and steer the antennas.

Due to adverse weather, we could not switch out the C-band feed back to S to try and detect the mobile video links from the motorcycles. We got a nice thunderstorm with rain and strong winds. Not the kind of storm that you would want to find yourself in on the TU Delft roof at 100m ASL!

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